The Willow Tavern - Official Failsworth Blues Pub!
278 Ashton Road East
M35 9HD
Tel: 0161 681 1698

The Willow Tavern - Official Failsworth Blues Pub!

* Customers kindly note that the menu and prices are subject to change *
Homemade Soup of the Day
Served with bread roll & butter
Prawn Cocktail (V)
Juicy prawns on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers &
lemon slices topped with Marie Rose sauce served with bread & butter
Crispy Breaded Mushrooms (V)
Deep fried served with mixed salad & garlic mayonnaise
Breaded Plaice Goujons
Deep fried goujons of Plaice served with mixed salad & tartare sauce
Combo for Two
Served with mixed salad and choice of dip!
Salad Platters
Traditional Ploughmans
Two types of cheese, mixed salad, apple, ploughman's pickle with bread roll & butter
Danish Platter
Slices of ham, slices of pineapple, mixed salad with bread roll & butter
Fisherman's Platter
Juicy prawns, chunks of tuna, mixed salad served with Marie Rose sauce & mayonnaise dip with bread roll & butter

Something Fishy!
Wholetail breaded Scampi
Deep fried scampi served with salad, chips & vegetables
Breaded Plaice
Deep fried served with lemon wedges, chips & vegetables
Battered fillet of Cod
Deep fried served with lemon wedges, chips and vegetables
Fisherman's Medley
A combination of breaded Plaice pieces, breaded pacific salmon, beer battered cod goujon & battered haddock fillet. Deep fried served with lemon wedges, salad, chips and vegetables
Lobster Tails
Mini Lobster tails, deep fried served with lemon wedges, salad, chips and vegetables

Lunchtime Favourites
Homemade Plate Pie (see specials board)
Served with chips, vegetables and gravy
Various fillings served with chips and vegetables OR salad
Chicken Tikka Masala
Pieces of chicken in a medium spicy sauce served with rice or chips plus salad garnish
Chilli Con Carne
Served with rice or chips plus salad garnish
Gammon steak
Served with egg, pineapple slice, chips and vegetables
Mini Breaded Lemon Chicken Fillets
Served with salad, chips and vegetables

Pub favourites
Bistro Burger
Succulent beef burger on a warm bun served with side salad, chips and peas
Bistro Cheese Burger
Same as above but with cheese
Mini Deep Dish Pizza
Various toppings served with potato wedges, salad and peas

Jacket Potatoes
A jacket potatoe with a deliciours filling of your choice served with a salad garnish
Prawn Marie Rose
Tuna Mayonnaise £2.60
Cheese £2.50
Chilli Con Carne £2.75
Baked Beans £2.40
Bacon & Cheese £2.75
Extra Toppings 25p


Hot Muffins
Served with a salad garnish
Beef Burger
Cheese Burger £2.50
Hot Steak & Onions £2.75
Bacon & Egg £2.50
Battered Chicken Breast Fillet £2.50

Traditional Sandwiches
Freshly cut sandwiches on your choice of brown or white bread with salad garnish
Roast Ham
Tuna £2.50
Cheese £2.50
Prawn £3.25
Salad £2.25
Toasted sandwich, filling of your choice plus salad garnish
Extra Filling 25p

Side Orders
Portion of chips £1.20
Onion Rings
Two slices of bread & butter £0.50
Mixed salad £1.25
Potato Wedges £1.50

Puddings & Desserts
*See The Daily Specials Board Or ask your Waitress*
Freshly brewed Tea for one £1.00
Filter Coffee with cream
Floater Coffee £1.25
Liquer Coffee (see board) £2.45

Wine by the Glass!
White Wine
Dry and Medium
Small Bottles of Red & White wine

Something for the Senior Citizens & young adults (12-16 years)
Soup OR Ice-cream/Artic roll included in price! For three course add 75p
Homemade Plate Pie
Omelette (various fillings) £3.75
Chilli Con Carne £3.75
Battered Cod £3.75
Breaded Plaice £3.75
Scampi £4.00
Lobster Tails £4.00
Seafood Platter £4.00
All dishes except Chilli con Carne will be served with a choice of chips, baked or croquet potatoes plus two types of vegetables OR salad